Espresso Martini

An espresso martini that isn't too sweet. This cocktail is a great after dinner drink as an alternative to traditional coffee.

What you will need

  • Vodka
  • Coffee Liquor
  • Ground Coffee
  • Ice
  • Espresso Machine
  • Cocktail Shaker

How to Make It

Fill two thirds of an espresso cup with espresso and put to one side.

Add ice to the cocktail shaker.

Add 50ml vodka, 25ml coffee liquor and the espresso to the ice.

Add the top to the cocktail shaker and shake rigorously for 5 - 10 seconds until there is a decent amount of froth on the top.

Strain drink into martini glass. Ensure the remaining froth from the cocktail shaker is added to the glass in order to give the cocktail its trademark top.

Add a few coffee beans to garnish.

As always people have different tastes. As far as espresso martinis go this isn't very sweet. If you prefer a sweeter cocktail then you can reduce the amount of espresso and increase the ratio of coffee liquor. If you prefer your cocktail to be more boozy do the same but instead of extra coffee liquor add an extra 25ml of Vodka instead.

You're free to try this without a machine made espresso but you may struggle to get the froth on the top of the drink. You can pick up a tassimo or nespresso machine for around £50 which will do the trick.

If you want a real espresso machine you can get a budget one for around £70. It would be a wise investment.