3CX with IP Authenticated SIP Trunks

3CX has been conformance tested with many SIP Trunk suppliers but these tests do not generally take the requirement for NAT traversal into account. By manually specifying your WAN IP address or using STUN and combining it with port forwarding it will work with the majority of SIP providers out there.

Where 3CX falls down is if you're using a SIP trunk provider who use IP based authentication rather than registering using a username / password. One of the largest suppliers of business IP telephony services is Gamma Telecom and they use IP authentication.

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FTTC Snapping at the Heels of Virgin Media, Business users Neglected?

Within the industry there has been a suspicion amongst many that BT / Openreach have been specifically targeting areas that Virgin Media havefibre infrastructure for their latest Fibre to the Cabinet service. It seems whenever an opportunity comes up to sell FTTC to a customer, Virgin Media are also available.

This is great for residential users who want high speeds without the notorious fair usage restrictions that are often associated with Virgin. It also allows the CP’s reliant on Openreach infrastructure to begin selling their own “Triple Play” services such as BT Vision.

For home users who are a fan of P2P downloads FTTC is great. Online gamers are also a fan who especially like the low jitter, latency and packet loss. For the majority of users ADSL is fine, with latest OFCOM figures putting the average ADSL speed at 6mbps. For these average users FTTC leaves a lot of unused capacity.

Results from my FTTC Connection

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